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Samothraki Island

Samothraki Island The duration of the journey to Samothraki depends on the means of transport you use. In any case one thing doesn't work: you go to a travel agency and book a package tour to Samothrace. You can be thankful if they know about Samothrace, if at all. To be honest, we are happy about this condition, because mass tourism and a preserved nature just don't go together. In spite of this, of course, you need the travel agency to book your flight or the ship passage. This page is a rather extensive one. Therefore, it makes sense to go offline after loading or to print the page. It's just that there are a lot of possibilities to travel to Samothrace.

Samothrace island

The modern port town ofKamariotissa is on the north-west coast and provides ferry access to and from points in northern Greece such as Alexandroupoli and Kavala. There is no commercial airport on the island. Other sites of interest on the island include the ruins of Genoese forts, the picturesque Chora(old town), and several waterfalls.

The main Communities of the island are Alonia, Ano Kariotes, Ano Meria, Dafnes, Kamariotissa, Kato Karyotes, Katsampas Lakkoma Makrylies, Mpaxedes, Pahia Ammos,Palaiopoli, Potamia, Profitis Ilias, Remboutsadika, Samothrace/Samothraki,Therma and Xiropotamos.

The winged goddess Nike (victory) was the daughter of the Titans, Pallas and Styx; her siblings included Zelos (rivalry), Kratos (strength), and Bia (force).

After helping Zeus banish the Titans from Mt. Olympus, the supreme god honored Nike, and she then earned her title as the goddess of victory. The image of Nike is prominent throughout Greek art and was traditionally associated with victory in war, athletics, and even poetry contests. Her presence invoked a spirit of celebration and commemorated the arête (physical and moral excellence) of gods and men.

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