Greece Honeymoon Packages

Greece Honeymoon Packages; Enjoy an immaculate honeymoon in Greece with a touch of luxury and an extra sprinkle of romance.

Select one of the Greece honeymoon packages in Santorini or other discerning Greek Islands and after the big day you will have as much time as you please to dip into bliss. Unwind in the lap of luxury in elegant resorts, explore magnificent ancient and modern treasures during package tours in Greece, discover the emerald waters of soft sandy beaches, relish candlelit dinners for two in some of the most distinctive destinations in Greece are only a few of the delightful moments you will experience.

Let yourself indulge into a honeymoon experience beyond compare.

Explore the Greek Islands

Click through each of the Greek islands to see which island entices you to come and visit. Each of Greece's beautiful islands holds a charm and beauty that is distinctly its own. There are islands that are more heavily traveled (and more famous) and some that are not as popular and where you might find yourselves secluded on your own beach. You might also find a quaint spot on Santorini to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world.

There is plenty to do in Greece and if going out after dark is your thing - then you are in the right place! Explore some of Greece's nightlife here.

When I got married, I honeymooned in Tahiti for 3 weeks and what I learned about myself is that I enjoy going out in the evenings (whether it is a late dinner, a cafe for a dessert, an after dinner cocktail or to just enjoy some music). I was disappointed that I did not find that in Tahiti! The streets and the entire country closes by 7pm in Tahiti, unlike Greece that continues on for 24 hours a day!

There are great and romantic places to dine during your Greek honeymoon. The most romantic dinner I ever had in Greece was on the island of Rhodes, outdoor dining under the stars in a perfectly moonlit evening at a restaurant called Τα Κιούπια (Ta Kioupia). If Rhodes is part of your Greece Honeymoon than I would recommend an evening at Τα Κιούπια (Ta Kioupia).

If cruising is what you enjoy, we did a 7-day cruise as part of our 3-weeks in Tahiti, here are some ideas for Greek cruises. On our honeymoon cruise we didn't realize that there were too many "at sea" days so my advice if you like to be off the ship and exploring the country is to make sure that the itinerary for the cruise is limited to 1 day at sea! There are more romantic cruises available for honeymooning in Greece on a small cruise ship.

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